The unit was established in compliance with Circular Ref. No. HCSF/PSO/155/I/3 dated 31st March 2008 directing for the establishment of Procurement Officer Cadre and Procurement Departments in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).


The unit is headed by Arc. Kabir Daiyabu, it has two divisions: Recurrent and Capital headed by a Deputy Director each with the following sections:

  • Tenders and Certification;
  • Monitoring & Compliance;
  • Tenders Process & Evaluation;
  • Price Intelligence and Database Management;
  • Technical/Standard Bid Specification;
  • Stocks Receipts, Issuance & Documentation;


Some of the duties of the unit includes but not limited to the following:

  • Ensuring Due Process Compliance in the Procurement of Goods and Services as well as the Award of Contracts;
  • Maintaining an updated register of suppliers/Contractors/Consultants of the Board;
  • Ensuring the Payments of Appropriate Fees for Tendering;
  • Maintaining of a Periodically Updated Price Data Base of Goods as may be provided by the BPP;
  • Superintending strict Adherence to all extant regulations and procedures on Procurement and Contract Awards;
  • Liaison with MTB/BPP on matters relating to Contract Awards at different threshold levels;
  • Preparation of Memorandum of Projects for presentation at Tenders Board for Consideration and Award of Contracts;
  • Arranging and Coordination of PPC meetings and writing of minutes of meetings;
  • Conveyance of Resolutions of Tenders Board Meetings;
  • Maintaining Store Receipt Vouchers Records.


The Board is currently in the process of upgrading the Division into a full Department in compliance with Government Extant rules.