Public Relations and Media Unit

Functions of NBTE Public Relations and Media Unit

The NBTE Public Relations and Media Unit monitors the attitude of the public in general and the TVET sector in particular in favour of the Board and the TVET sector. The unit sends out information and spreads communication to the public for building goodwill of the organization and counsels the management to adopt positive programmes and policies. The unit through advice attempt to eliminate questionable practices so that negative publicity does not arise against the Board.


Other functions of the Unit include the following:

  1. Media Relations: Initiate and coordinate publicity of the Board’s activities and programmes by creating and disseminating information to the media. Establishes and maintains good relationship with media organizations and practitioners in order to retain their goodwill.


  1. Corporate Communication: The Unit promotes public understanding of the Board and its programmes and activities. For this purpose, the Unit undertakes external and internal communication.


  1. In-house Journal and other information materials: The unit produces the Board’s newsletter, “NBTE Bulletin” in addition to the publication and production of brochures, and audio-visual materials such as TV documentaries and service the Board’s website.


  1. Events Management: The Unit coordinates some special events organized by the Board including meetings and anniversaries.


  1. Protocol Services: The Unit also performs the Board’s protocol services.