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The Board has launched the Resource Persons Application Portal which will be used to source for Resource Persons that will be involved in the Board's quality assurance visitations.

The Executive Secretary, Prof. Idris Muhammad Bugaje while briefing newsmen in Kaduna explained that the launching of the portal is a step towards the digitization of the Board's operations, adding that in the next two to three years the activities of the Board will be technology driven.

He urged stakeholders from the TVET Sector and the Industries to key into the initiative by applying to be part of the Resource Persons that will be involved in Quality Assurance visitations to the over 600 TVET Institutions in Nigeria. According to the him, the portal will enable the Board get the best hands to serve as Resource Persons and bring an end to the common practices where particular sets of people are used as over and over. He added that Professors and other Senior lecturers from the universities will no longer be allowed to head the Board's Quality Assurance Visitation Team and will only be giving the opportunity to be part of the team after first considering those from the Polytechnics who must be on the rank of Senior Lecturers and above followed by professionals from the Industries. Also, seasoned administrators from the Public Service will be considered in areas relevant to their field of practice.