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About the Centre

The NBTE Centre of Excellence under the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) was established by the Management of NBTE through the Governing Board in 2010, to build on the achievements of the UNESCO-Nigeria TVE project on Revitalization of Technical and Vocational Education in Nigeria, to facilitate the capacity development of TVET personals, promote innovation and enhance partnership. The Centre formally took off on 1st January 2012. It is also one of the UNEVOC Centres in Nigeria.

The Centre was recognized as UNESCO-UNEVOC Coordinating Centre for West African Sub-Cluster in June 2012, an International Network in the area of Technical and Vocation Education and Training (TVET). It coordinates 23 UNEVOC Centres in the West African Cluster.


Vision of the Centre

The Vision of the Centre is to be recognized globally as Centre for the Continuous Improvement of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).


Mission of the Centre

The NBTE TVET Centre of Excellence mission is to promote the Development of Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) through Culture of Excellence in Capacity Building, Innovation and Partnership.


Functions of the Centre

  • Continuing staff development for the TVET sector and capacity building for practitioners of TVET in Nigeria and the West Africa Region.
  • Production and sharing of curricula, technical textbooks and instructional materials for Technical Colleges and Polytechnics.
  • Studies on the revitalization of the informal TVET sector and institutionalization of a National Vocational Qualification Frameworks (NVQF).
  • Support for the establishment of more Continuing Professional Development Centres (CPDC) in the West African region.
  • Collaboration and partnerships among TVET institutions in the region and globally.
  • Enhancing the speedy sharing of information in various areas of TVET across the region and internationally.
  • Any other activities that serve to facilitate the above key objectives or promote TVET generally.



Some of the numerous achievements recorded by the Centre are as follows:

  • NBTE Centre of Excellence is a UNEVOC Centre, and designated as the UNEVOC Coordinating Centre for West Africa Sub-Region.
  • The Centre has linked up with all the UNEVOC Centres under its purview, including those in Francophone countries.
  • The Centre hosted the UNESCO-UNEVOC Africa Regional Forum that addressed the twin themes of Youth Employability and Greening TVET which is a New Emerging International Concept on Sustainable Development.
  • The Centre in its efforts to project innovative approaches, has designed, and is executing, a sensitization programme for polytechnics and similar tertiary institutions on the deployment of e-Learning skills, including the Moodle Learning platform and the New and Emerging Flexible Technologies.
  • The Centre has also established link with the New UNESCO Regional Office in Abuja.
  • The Centre is about to kick-start the Green Campus Project, and undertake a Need Assessment Survey in some selected Polytechnics for data gathering and analysis, in line with the global greening concept.


Way Forward

The current thrust of the Centre's activities for the immediate future involve:

  • Exploring special measures to enhance participation by the institutions, through active engagement of staff in preliminary preparatory exercises.
  • Establishing the linkage with the Continuing Professional Development Centres located in the Institutions.
  • Extending further e-Learning and Flexible Skills techniques by introducing staff of polytechnics to Commonwealth of Learning (COL) flexible & Blended Learning Approach, to TVET, and e-learning, Open Educational Resources (OERs).
  • Developing further the issue of Greening TVET through Critique Workshop on developed draft curricula on Renewable Energy Technologies, and piloting of Green Campus.
  • Processing the application to UNESCO, Paris, for making the Centre a Category II UNESCO Centre with a focus on TVET capacity building, innovation and partnership.


Partnerships Established: Local & International

The Centre's network of national and international partners includes all Polytechnics and Similar Institutions, National Agencies on TVET, Nigerian ICT Forum of Partnership Institutions, Nigeria UNESCO-National Commission, UNESCO Abuja Office, UNESCOBREDA, COL, ECOWAS, ADEA, CAPA, UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre, Bonn - Germany, OIC-VET, SESRIC, etc, since 2012 as follows;

  • UNESCO Nigeria Country Office, Abuja– Nigeria.
  • UNESCO-NATCOM, Abuja – Nigeria.
  • UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre, Bonn - Germany.
  • UNESCO (Regional) Bureau, Dakar – Senegal.
  • Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver – Canada.
  • Commonwealth Association of Polytechnics in Africa (CAPA), Nairobi -


  • Nigerian ICT Forum of Partnership Institutions, Abuja – Nigeria.
  • Nigeria Network Operators Group (ng NOG), Abuja – Nigeria.
  • OIC-VET, SESRIC, Ankara – Turkey.
  • ECOWAS Commission, Abuja – Nigeria.


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The Centre can be contacted for more information, through:

The General Manager,

NBTE Centre of Excellence for TVET,

No. 9, Kajuru Close, Off Degel 1 Road,

Unguwar Rimi G R A,

PMB 2239, Kaduna - Nigeria

+234 803 451 2901,

+234 809 961 0771