The Office is headed by the Director of Special Duties and coordinates the activities of Nine (9) Desk Officers including Units, namely:

  1. Board Secretariat;
  2. Legal Matters;
  3. Internal Audit;
  4. Media and Public Relations;
  6. Zonal Offices;
  7. Medical Centre;
  8. Abuja Liaison Office; and
  9. Procurement



  1. To assist the Executive Secretary in carrying out the day to day activities of the Board;
  2. To implement and carryout decisions of the Executive Secretary;
  3. To organize management committee meetings as at when due;
  4. To monitor the implementation of the Management Committee decisions/resolutions on behalf of the Executive Secretary;
  5. To organize meetings/seminars on behalf of the Executive Secretary such as Consultative Meeting with ES/Rectors/Provosts and Principals of Technical Colleges;
  6. To coordinate activities of COHEADS, APIVI, COREG; NARCHCARD and Principals of Technical Institutions on behalf of Executive of Secretary;
  7. Coordinate the Governing Board Secretariat and monitor
  8. implementation of the extracts, resolutions and those of all the Governing Board Committees;
  9. As the Head of Governing Board of Secretariat, Coordinates the activities and welfare of members of Governing Board including Hotel Accommodation, Transportation etc;
  10. To supervise the activities of the Abuja Liaison Office;
  11. To supervise the activities of the zonal offices in six geo-political zones and report to Executive Secretary;
  12. To coordinate the activities of the Desk Officers on behalf of the Board such as SDGs/NEEDS, SERVICOM, NHIS, NVQF,
  13. Entrepreneurship, Step-B, Satellite Campuses, ICPC/ACTU, Federal Character, SIWES, AFDB, Pension, ODFL, WITED;
  14. To organize press conferences and supervision of Public Relations, Protocol and Media;
  15. To receive and attend to complaints from staff and public on behalf of Executive Secretary;
  16. To coordinate all the secretariat functions including the secret registry;
  17. To attend to incoming mails before getting to the Executive
  18. Secretary and implement the decisions of Executive Secretary or send the mails to whom it is directed;
  19. To coordinate the activities of security in the NBTE Secretariat and Centre of Excellence;
  20. To administer the activities of the staff of Legal, Procurement and Audit Units in the Executive Secretary's Office; and
  21. Any other functions that Executive Secretary may direct to the office.